The course teaches you how you can solve Rubik’s cube every time, in a systematic process. You get over an hour of close-up 720HD video, teaching the 10 Steps in slow motion – accompanied by downloadable notes in PDF format. The course outline is here (right-click and save, or open in another tab/window).

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The inventor of the cube took a month to solve it. But by the end of the course:

  • You will have solved your Rubik’s cube
  • You will know that, with a bit of learning the moves, you will be able to solve any 3×3 Rubik’s cube you come across in future
  • You’ll be inspired to practise, so as to be confident of solving a Rubik’s cube inside 3 minutes. Every time!

Of course, before parting with any money, you want to be sure exactly what you’re getting! Please check out the Free Previews – Steps 3 and 10, and the sub-2-minute Demo – to see the clarity of the great close-up videos (if your connection speed allows, click the YouTube settings cog when playing and select Quality | 720HD to get the full benefit of the recordings), together with downloads of the PDFs for those steps.

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Rubik Combination


Email me, Dr Christopher Mabb, on support@rubiks-cube.me. Or contact me via my company, Scientific Word Ltd.

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