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Thanks for being interested in promoting my video course “Rubik’s cube Inside 3 Minutes” – it means getting the word out to whoever follows you / reads your stuff. That could be by telling your social media contacts… by a link from your website… or if you have any kind of mailing list, that’s even better.

Here are some goodies I’ve provided to help make your role as an Affiliate as easy and as profitable as possible:

  1. Four YouTube videos you’re welcome to use with your dedicated PayPal link*:
  2. Four screenshots, each about 100k (right-click and Save Link As):
    Videocapture1 Videocapture2
    Videocapture3 Videocapture4
  3. One man took 26 years to do the Rubik’s cube! There’s a great story online about it here.
  4. Another man can do the cube one-handed behind his back, while juggling with his other hand! Go here for the video…
  5. A robot has been built to solve the cube in one second!
  6. 2014 was the 40th anniversary of the creation of the Magic Cube – the forerunner of Rubik’s cube – giving rise to a resurgence of interest in Rubik’s cube. Just do a Google search for “Rubik’s cube 2014” for lots more interesting links.
  7. Rubik’s cube has its own Wikipedia page you can refer to at’s_Cube.
  8. You can build credibility for this product from the presence of the video course on Udemy . A coupon for the Udemy course is included as a Free bonus in this Combination package – which also includes a nearly 60% discount and the download of the 720HD MP4 videos.
  9. The contents of my eBook “Rubik’s cube Inside 3 Minutes” are also included in PDF form in this Combination package.
  10. See Dr Christopher Mabb’s impressive academic credentials on his company website.
  11. The website for this product,, is clean and focussed: all you really need to do is get people there and let the product sell itself.

Don’t forget that everyone’s got a Rubik’s cube, somewhere up in the loft. And who wouldn’t want to amaze their friends with a party trick like this? What else will your readers need to get the most from this product? Only their fingers! No special skills are required – just being taught the moves! And that’s exactly what this video course offers…

So the worldwide market is immense. And as an Affiliate, you’ll get 45% of every sale: for each sale of $43.97, you’ll be making $19.78. I only take PayPal payment – and this Affiliates page is hidden away – so with your dedicated PayPal link you’ll be getting commission from all the sales you refer. Check out the figures: 

Sales per Day Monthly Income Annual Income
1 $601 $7220
5 $3009 $36110
10 $6018 $72220

Disclaimer: These figures are examples only – not guarantees. All honest and ethical Affiliates welcome. Please don’t do anything dishonest, unethical or spammy in connection with this site. Thanks.

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I do hope you decide to make some serious money with my video course “Rubik’s cube Inside 3 Minutes“. Why not fire off an Email (with your own dedicated PayPal link) to your list of followers right now?

Whatever you decide – thanks for reading!

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