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This “Rubik’s cube Inside 3 Minutes” course is a combination package of:

1 For your permanent personal use: download the 21 Rubik's cube videos (in 720HD MP4 format) on which my 10 Steps course is based $97.00
2 The contents of my Rubik's cube Kindle eBook as a PDF (46 pages) $11.69
3 Free bonus! A coupon for my Rubik's cube 10 Steps video course on Udemy $   –
Total $108.69
Combination Discount (nearly 60%) $64.72

You’ll get over an hour of HD video content! It’s a monster size download – over 1.5Gb (typical download time: 20-30 minutes). That’s an amazing lot of content for under $50!

Simply click the Buy Now link below to make payment. Within a few minutes of the transaction completing, we will send you an Email with links to download the 46-page PDF documentation (280kb) and the zipped file of over an hour’s 720HD MP4 videos (1566Mb) – together with the coupon code for the Udemy course (you’ll be asked to give an Email address and choose a password to take the course on Udemy).


Rubik Combination


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